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I’m so excited to share with you all my new badge books!

Badges have been a HollyEdwardsTextiles staple for the last 10years which also means you have quite the collection! What better way to display them than in their very own book that can be placed in memory boxes or kept in children’s bedrooms so they can flick through and look back on all the happy birthday memories.

Choose your front and back page fabric and the glitter star colour. You can have these personalised with three words inside the star.

Pictured : rainbow fabric plus gold glitter star with 'our birthday badges'

Your book includes 5 double sided white felted pages so you can display up to 10 badges in your book (more pages can be brought separately - just ask)

Fastened with a satin ribbon closure on the right and satin ribbon binding the book together which can be loosened depending on how many badges are inside.

You book will measure 18.5x13.5cm

These have been specifically designed for my badges however if you are an enamel pin collector or have rainbow/brownie badges, these will also work for you.

Badge Book

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