NEW FOR 2021 – I am in love with these. Need I say anything more?!


Utterly gorgeous handmade wreath design mini hoop complete with your own wording inside. They remind me of snow globes and on the tree they look so special. Such a lovely gift or to celebrate a new arrival, new home, new couple this Christmas.


The hoop with wreath measures 4” across, the wreath is attached to the wooden hoop and it has been reversed hooped to create this effect. The wreath design includes tiny leaves, single holly berries and golden stars which have all be sewn using free motion embroidery. Your hoop will arrive complete with twine ready to hang on the tree.


Wording wise, pictured includes 11 words. 12 words would be the maximum but if you are unsure if your wording will fit please contact beforehand.

Wreath Hoop