Reusable facial cloths. You can choose to have them personalised or not. After being much requested I decided it was time to make some. They measure approx 29cm and are made in a mix of cotton/poly cotton and towelling. Ribbon loop will be stitched into your cloth so it can be hung in a bathroom. The personalisation has been stitched into the cloth making it secure. They make fab gifts or great in guest rooms!


You can now also pick bamboo towelling! Bamboo towelling is more absorbent than cotton, softer on the skin but a little more pricey. The choice is yours! However cotton towelling is best if you wish to exfoliate or for cleaning.


The idea of these cloths is that you can pop them in your washing machine to be washed and then reused saving the environment and you, money! They have been tried and tested at a quick wash on 30 and they came out lovely. I have not tested tumble drying however they should be fine but they don’t take long at all to air dry.SO many fabrics for you to choose from, which will you go for?

Reusable Facial Cloths