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… you have a little item of clothing you hold dear? Maybe you don’t have enough for a bear/cushion but a piece (at least 4” square) These mini hoops measure 3.5" across and include your chosen item of clothing with added handwriting on top if you so choose.


These items work best with jersey/cotton fabrics, relatively flat fabrics (things like a hand knitted jumper unfortunately doesn’t work with added text on top - but of course will work without) also take into consideration, I use black embroidery for any text so the lighter the item of clothing the better the text will stand out, if you go for this option.


Choose from a hoop just with your chosen fabric professionally backed - works with most fabric types, knit included.


OR..chosen fabric with embroidery (NOT handwriting) perfect for hooping baby clothes with names/DOB on.


OR..chosen fabric with hand writing - take into account colour of fabric, lighter colours work best due to black embroidery.


Individual letters can be picked from cards/notes or whole words. Pictures only needed, not originals. Images of writing can be sent through social media or via email

Clothing Keepsake Hoop

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